What to Expect from Northern Beaches Rehabilitation

What to Expect - Therapy Programs

At NBR, we are constantly striving to provide progressive yet affordable and effective therapy.  Our clients are able to visit us at our accessible, state of the art gym or alternatively, make an appointment for home-based therapy.  Often a combination of these is recommended for cross over of functional achievements and implementation within the community context.  We accept funding from private health funds, third party insurance providers, iCare, chronic care management plans and DVA.

What to Expect - Gym Based Therapy

Our gym based neurological therapy and falls/reconditioning appointments include:

  • Assessment appointments for reviewing treatment outcomes, report generation, pre-post medication challenges and baseline/progress review.
  • Intensive hourly one-to-one rehabilitation therapy – for people requiring two therapist assistance, please speak to the treating therapist to discuss options.
  • Intensive thirty (30) minute one-to-one rehabilitation therapy – for people requiring two therapist assistance, please speak to the treating therapist to discuss options.
  • Small group classes for rehabilitation therapy – suits those requiring regular therapy, but able to complete more independent exercise program that is individually tailored.

What to Expect - Mobile Therapy Treatment

Our mobile therapy appointments include:

  • Assessment appointments for reviewing treatment outcomes, report generation, pre-post medication challenges and baseline/progress review.
  • Intensive 30minute – 1 hourly one-to-one rehabilitation therapy – for people requiring two therapist assistance, please speak to the treating therapist to discuss options.
  • Group classes as appropriate within context i.e. residential facility etc.
  • Home Visits for environmental assessment and modifications as well as community excursions and environments

    What to Expect - Our Appointments

    Clients do not require a referral from a medical practitioner prior to their initial assessment. However if they are seeking treatment for a neurological condition or if they have a complex medical history, it is strongly recommended.

    A thorough assessment may involve some or all of the following:

    • Medical History – past and present.  Medical reports, hospital discharge summaries and scans relevant to the client’s medical condition being treated are encouraged to accompany the initial assessment only.
    • Objective Assessment –
      • Neurological assessment may include posture assessment, gait analysis (through video if consent is obtained), muscle strength assessment, fitness testing, sensation assessments, balance assessments.
      • Musculoskeletal and post-operative assessment may include functional movement and mobility assessment, joint range of motion testing and muscle strength assessment.
    • Goal Setting and Treatment Planning – including intensity of treatment required.
    • Reports generated to referring practitioners where appropriate.

    What To Expect - Post Operative Therapy

    Our post-operative and musculoskeletal therapy appointments include:

    • Assessment appointments for establishing a management plan and assessing current function.
    • Intensive thirty (30) minute one-to-one therapy focusing on manual therapy and required hands-on treatment.
    • Establishing a graded exercise program to allow for self-management and ensure return to normal activities.
    • Group classes including – Clinical Pilates and strength and conditioning.

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    Meet The Team

    Camilla Glasson

    Camilla Glasson

    Principal Physiotherapist

    Camilla devotes and thrives on helping others reach their full potential, a great quality in rehabilitative physiotherapy. Camilla holds a Masters of Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney, following her completion of Bachelor of Health Science. Camilla spent her junior physiotherapy years in a private rehabilitation hospital on the North Shore of Sydney, treating a wide range of different conditions. From here, Camilla wished to explore the whole rehabilitation experience and worked in acute and community settings providing both private and public rehabilitation. Camilla prides her ability to integrate aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy into geriatric and complex client types, including Clinical Pilates and sports based intervention. Camilla is dedicated to ongoing professional development, and has completed tertiary training in Clinical Pilates, Hydrotherapy, Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling, upper limb and hip rehabilitation.

    Outside of the clinic Camilla enjoys spending time with her Northern Beaches based family, walking along the magnificent coastline with her miniature schnauzers, playing golf and running on the fantastic beaches.

    Catriona Clark (nee Morehouse)

    Catriona Clark (nee Morehouse)

    Principal Physiotherapist – Neurological

    Catriona discovered early in her career that she had a genuine passion for providing therapy services to people with neurological conditions. Graduating from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) she has worked predominantly with neurological conditions in all stages of rehabilitation in acute, subacute and community settings. Catriona has gained experience in a wide range of neurological conditions, and is committed to providing quality and holistic care. Catriona has dedicated herself to specialising in her field, completing her Masters of Clinical Rehabilitation (Neurological Physiotherapist) with research into physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Catriona has also had vast experience treating people with spinal cord injury, brain injury, post-stroke, multiple sclerosis and special interest in post-polio syndrome.

    When not studying, Catriona enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter at the beach, visiting family and friends, cooking and going to the gym.

    Carleen Stone

    Carleen Stone

    Physiotherapist – Neurological

    Carleen graduated from University of Queensland in 1988 and moved to work in Rockhampton. Here she worked in the base hospital and private practice, preferring already the work in rehabilitation. Carleen then travelled to England and began discovering hands on facilitation in the treatment of neurological conditions.

    On return to the wonderful sunshine state, Carleen had a great 5 years specialising in neurological treatment, both acute and in the rehabilitation stage at the Gold Coast. After completing several courses she developed a keen interest in acquired brain injury, working with acute patients, while awaiting admission to the specialized unit in Brisbane.

    She then continued to travel and left for the USA, working in a short term rehabilitation unit and community care, which was a very different experience. Eventually she returned to the sunshine and began a fantastic 10 years working in the Brain Injury Unit in Brisbane at Princess Alexandra Hospital. It was at this time that she became a clinical specialist and spent time supervising university undergraduate and postgraduate students and assisting in research.

    For family reasons, Carleen moved to Sydney about ten years ago and has since worked at a home rehabilitation service, followed by returning to her passion of neurological rehabilitation at a private rehabilitation hospital.

    During her (many) years of working as a physiotherapist, she has enjoyed developing her skills working with many varied conditions including acquired brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, vestibular dysfunction, muscular atrophy, functional gait disorder and Parkinsons disease. Carleen firmly believes that Neurological physiotherapy teaches you that no one patient can be treated the same – each person is a unique individual with unique abilities and unique dysfunction.

    Maddison Woodbury

    Maddison Woodbury


    Maddison grew up participating in a range of sports and activities, including netball, dancing, swimming, and athletics. This developed her passion for exercise, health and rehabilitation, which led her to complete a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at Western Sydney University and then a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University. Maddison has gained valuable experience in post-operative rehabilitation, neurological conditions, geriatric rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and injury management. She also travelled to India for a 5-week internship at Apollo Hospital, where she gained further experience in cardiorespiratory, neurological and orthopaedic physiotherapy.

    While studying, Maddison worked as a personal trainer, working with a range of people to help achieve their health and fitness goals. She has also completed her training in Clinical Pilates and has experience in conducting Pilates classes for females with a focus on core strengthening, improving posture, and whole-body conditioning.

    In her spare time, Maddison loves spending time at the beach, ocean swimming at different beaches around Sydney, and competing in Triathlons.

    Tim Cleasby

    Tim Cleasby


    Tim has always loved being involved in sports throughout his younger years, however after sustaining may injuries himself, Tim decided that physiotherapy was the way to go! After completing a Bachelor of Human Movement and the Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, Tim began working in a private sports clinic where he worked with acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries in patients of all ages. During this time Tim also completed his sports physiotherapy level 1 qualifications and has had the opportunity to work with local sports teams. 

    More recently Tim has spent a year in the Kingdom of Tonga under the Australian Volunteers program. Whilst there, Tim assisted in the planning and management of a brand new rehabilitation facility. This was the first and only physiotherapy/rehabilitation department in the country and provided a range of physiotherapy services, prosthetics, orthotics and wheelchairs to the entire country. While in Tonga, Tim was involved in training and mentoring the local allied health staff and had the pleasure of getting to work in a wide range of areas such as national rugby teams, treating the prime minister, neurological patients, paediatric patients, in and outpatients and everything in between!

    Tim will be working predominantly with our musculoskeletal conditions and is working closely with the Wakehurst Tigers. In his spare time he enjoys running, golf, surfing and watching AFL.