Neurological Physiotherapy

Expert neurological rehabilitation tailored to your unique needs

At Northern Beaches Rehabilitation, we are experts in Neurological Rehabilitation. Our team of highly skilled and specialised therapists have vast experience in treating a range of neurological conditions. We believe in collaborative goal setting and patient-centred treatment planning, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and therapies to improve our clients' quality of life and functional outcomes.

We understand that each client is unique, with their own personal attributes and individual issues, which requires a tailored therapy approach that considers intensity, modality, and technique. Our therapists use rigorous objective assessments to ensure treatment efficacy, helping our clients achieve their full rehabilitation potential.

We offer a unique service that provides both mobile and gym-based sessions to ensure our clients have access to specialised therapy wherever they need it. Our services can provide therapy to any level of ability or settings which can include residential care facilities and independent living units (pending approval).

Upon leaving the hospital setting, the neurological rehabilitation journey expands with opportunity and we look forward to welcoming you to our innovative clinics to deliver exceptional multidisciplinary care to help you reach your full potential.

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Expert neurological rehabilitation tailored to your unique needs

Neurodegenerative conditions

Parkinson’s and parkinson’s plus diseases

Multiple sclerosis

Motor neurone disease (including als)

Late effects of polio/post-polio syndrome

Cerebellar and spinal ataxias

Hereditary spastic paraplegia

Musclar dystrophy

Many more...

Vestibular conditions and dizziness


Problems with vertigo

Visual disturbance and imbalance

This can include conditions such as BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)

Vestibular hypofunction and prolonged concussion

Acquired injuries

Spinal cord injury

Brain injury



Guillain barre syndrome

Peripheral nerve injury as well as adults (>18 year olds) with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability


Our Therapists

Our therapists are adept at complex spasticity management, with programs including splinting, pre-post medication and botulinum toxin injection and consultancy service.
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Making quality healthcare accessible for everyone

As a privately funded clinic we do our best to work and assist access to available funding streams which include private health, NDIS, Aged Care, DVA and medicare funding streams. Please chat to the team if you would like to know more about our funding options.