Are you recovering from a recent surgery? Our therapists have been highly involved in the rehabilitation process both in the hospital and at home, so we understand and have the necessary resources that it takes to get you back on your feet!
Some example of surgeries that will likely require rehabilitation include:
–  joint replacements
–  insertion of hardware post fracture
–  spinal surgery
–  joint reconstructions
–  arthroscopies
We also offer home visits. If you are unable to make it into the clinic post- discharge, we can come to you!


Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating injuries related to sport, work and other daily activities. We believe in prioritising the clients goals and striving to not only reduce pain, but improve overall function of the body and prevent further problems from occurring in the future.
We believe in one-to-one therapy focusing on treating the area of dysfunction as well as assessing for the cause of the problem. Our treatments can include manual therapies, soft tissue release, dry needling and exercise prescription.
Some of the injuries we treat include:
– neck pain
– back pain
– shoulder pain
– headaches
– chronic pain
– osteoarthritis
– ligament sprains

GLA:D Australia Program

Best first treatment for hip and knee osteoarthritis!

GLA:D or Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark, is an evidence based education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms, focusing on increasing strength, learning to move correctly, and managing symptoms to improve pain.
GLA:D is a six week program comprised of 12 exercise sessions, twice a week for six weeks plus two education sessions teaching you about osteoarthritis and exercise.

Stable and Able Exercise Group

This is a group specifically formulated to improve core strength, stability, balance and flexibility. We run these classes in small groups of three or one-to-one sessions. Everyone can benefit from our classes, and our sessions are specifically tailored to each individual.
We integrate rehabilitation principles into our programs, to aid with recovery from injury and surgery, as well as injury prevention.

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